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LINC Malt_Harvest Event_Imperial Yeast

Its Friday and we have restocked 10 varieties and brought in a few new varieties of LINC Malt Base Malts and a Rye


Homebrew Competition on the Palouse!

This is a super cool event hosted by Joseph's Grainery who make the malt you brew with! All contestants must use LINC Baroness Pale, English or Pilsner as the base malt.

Hang out with Farmers, Homebrewers, Professional Brewers and other members of the beer community August 19th!


Imperial Yeast Update!

We still have a few strains of close dated Imperial for 30% Off or shop in person and lets make a deal!

Imperial Yeast Pre Order!

Imperial Yeast August 2023 Pre Order is LIVE! This is your chance to try a new strain as fresh as you can get it! Expect Arrival 2nd week of August.

Commercial Unit progress

Some of you may be aware and maybe even skeptical at this point that the shop is moving to a real store front. I will assure you that it is going to happen and we did not think it would have taken this long. There has been many set backs in this journey to a brick and motor and its been mostly out of our control. If you haven't been to the shop yet in its current state its still packed full of items for your beer, wine and cider making needs.

Our current projection on the move is end of August. (cross your fingers please)

With Salt King Brewing to Open November 2023

Thanks to all who are supporting us and cheers!


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