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Baronesse Barley Harvest Day and Yeast Sale

Warm up your brew pots gang, the 2022 Baroness Barley Harvest Day & Homebrew Competition is August 20th 2022! Full Details Here

Spokane Brewing Supply has you covered for the Baronesse Malts needed for this awesome local event supporting area farmers!


Imperial Yeast is still on SALE!

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This sale goes until July 22nd or while inventory last!

Also there is a few on clearance for that are a little out of date but if you are comfortable with making starters then you won't find a cheaper deal on these strains!


What's been brewing?

Lately I have been really into the Cold IPA. If you haven't heard of it then you may be missing the best of both worlds regarding Lager and Hoppy bliss!

Wayfinder was at the for front of this refreshingly clean new take on a West Coast IPA style.

So I started looking into brewing this style after having several delicious offerings from Fremont, Rueben's, Brick West Brewing and my personal local favorite Garland Brew Werks Icebound Cold IPA .

First attempt ended in a dumped batch due to a cold crash and sanitizer being sucked into the carboy. While the flavor was great the acidic bite from the sanitizer was too much and I didn't need to subject myself or anyone else to the intestinal discomfort that could have been.

So here's what my second attempt looked like

Est OG 1.070 , Est FG 1.009

IBU 81 Rager

SRM 3.7

71% Rahr North Star Pils Malt

29% Flaked Corn

Mash Target 148F

Water in PPM: Calcium 59.2, Sodium 8.2, Chloride 64.8, Magnesium 25.1, Sulfate 66.2, Bicarb 120

54.5 IBU Warrior Hops @ 60min

Whirpool/Flameout for 15

12.1 IBU Ella

9.4 IBU Galaxy

4.8 IBU HS Sitiva/Citiva

Fermented with Lallemand Diamond Lager at 59F for 3 Days and Free Rise to 64F by day 6, 69F for 6 Days,

Kegged with 1oz Ea Ella, Galaxy, HS Sitiva , Loose dry hop in keg with floating Dip Tube. for 48 hrs 64F

Currently serving on dry hopped kegged

Overall this beer came out really nice, Initial taste is very Lager/Pilsner like , no signs of aroma or sulphur, Low presence of corn, medium high pilsner malt by way of hay and some honey, medium low floral and orange

Taste is very pilsner like with firm bittering, orange and lime notes,

Finish is lingering pepper bitterness, with a slight bit of booze.

This ended up coming out to 7.4% ABV since i managed to use my mash out water at the same time of dough in so I actually mashed at 152F,

The beer is not as dry as I would of have liked but its still a solid drinker with a refreshing finish.

The next version of this I will be dropping the corn percentage down several notches and switching out the hops to more west coast and dank profiles while upping the starting boil IBUs to 80 or so.

If you brew this recipe please let me know how it turned out or bring it to the shop to share!



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