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October 1st Grain Buy

Group grain buy is up for PreOrder. All prices include 10% discount. Plan your fall brewing season and stock up! If there is anything special not listed let me know!

On the other end of things for you folks who don’t want to buy a lot of malt at once the website now has a Custom Kit request. While I haven’t figured out how to make line item ingredients you can fill out this form and request specific quantities for your brew day needs. This will be very useful for folks who don’t want full pounds of malt and have left overs of this specialties you don’t use very often. Custom Kit Builder

We also have an end of summer sale going on for all ingredients ( excludes Group Buy Pre Orders)

Use code “Beer” at checkout and receive 20% off all ingredients in your cart.

Coming soon as well we will have recipe kits from local breweries so stay tuned to the Recipe Kit page for some new recipe drops!

Thank you to everyone subscribed and reading these posts. SBS truly appreciates it and we hope to have some big news coming!

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