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Crisp Maris Otter by Ounce

Maris Otter® Ale Malt is prized all over the world for the incredibly rich ales that it helps create. Brewers tell us it is always flavorful, easy to brew with, and returns that characteristic malt body that has made it famous over more than 50 years of barley cultivation. 

Bred at PBI in Cambridge by Dr. GDH Bell, the variety was taken up by Crisp farmers from the very beginning, since the barley thrives in the chalk soils and moist sea air of the North Norfolk coast.

Crisp Maris Otter by Ounce

1 Ounce
  • Color °L 2.5 - 3.5

    Moisture % Max 3.5

    Extract FG Min 82.0

    Usage Rate Up to 100%

    Protein Total 9.0

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