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Gambrinus Honey Malted Oats by Ounce

If you need a POUND or more please search for the malt name and see the Item sold by the pound


Use Gambrinus Honey Malted Oats to impart unique flavor along with texture to hazy IPAs, or to add nuance and depth to oatmeal stout, brown ale, and other malt-driven styles. Look for bready, grainy, and sweet flavor notes with rich body and silky mouthfeel. Honey Malted Oats are husked – no need to add rice hulls for lautering.

Gambrinus Honey Malted Oats by Ounce

1 Ounce
  • Color °L 4.0 - 7.0
    Moisture % Max 5.5
    Protein Total <11.08
    Usage Rate Up to 20%
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