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Hard Seltzer Kit 5Gal

5 Gallon Hard Seltzer Kit add a Fruit or Fruit Puree of your choosing when fermentation slows down. 4 - 5% ABV


Recommend at least a minimum 1L of Fruit Puree for 5 Gallon Recipe or 1lb of Fruit per gallon of fermenting seltzer


Pro Tip: If using whole fruit, You can spray or dunk whole fruit in sanitizer for one minute to help reduce wild yeasts and bacteria then with sanitzed knife peel, cut, de-seed fruit. Vaccum pack and freeze for at least 24hr prior. This helps burst the cell walls of the fruit releasing more juice and flavor. Thaw fruit to room temp before adding to fermentation.


Kit Includes:

4lb Corn Sugar

Omega Proper Seltzer Nutrient

EC-1118 Yeast

Fruit Puree not included


Hard Seltzer Kit 5Gal

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