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Mosaic Incognito 20ml

Introducing INCOGNITO® a new advanced hop product from John I. Haas. INCOGNITO® is a 100% all-natural, full-spectrum hop product crafted to deliver highly concentrated flavor while maximizing brewing efficiency and reducing process loss.

- No vegetative material

- Flowable at ambient temperature

- Available in 20g Homebrew sizes in Mosaic®

Generally a 1:6 replacement ratio.
Usage is 1g/L INCOGNITO in the whirlpool is equivalent to 1.5lb/bbl pellets (5.8g/L).
The maximum recommended dose is 2g/L.

- 1g of weight is roughly equivalent of 1ml of volume
- Each 20g jar is roughly the equivalent of 4oz of T90 pellets hops in the whirlpool
- INCOGNITO is flowable at room temp, but you can wrap it in a warm towel or place the jug in warm water to lower the viscosity and improve portability.

Mosaic Incognito 20ml

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