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Rahr North Star Pils by Ounce

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North Star Pils™️ brings overtones of honey and sweet bread with supporting flavor and aroma notes of hay and nutty character. A great fit and base malt for any beer style, but particularly craft brewed versions of classic lager styles.

How is Rahr North Star Pils™️ different from Rahr Premium Pils? Compared to Rahr Premium Pilsner, North Star Pils™️ is a bit lower in both color and modification; in terms of sensory, North Star Pils™️ has more “sweet” attributes vs. the more grainy & cracker attributes found in Rahr Premium Pils.

Rahr North Star Pils by Ounce

1 Ounce
  • COLOR °L : 1.5-1.9

    MOISTURE % MAX : 5



    USAGE RATE : Up to 100%

    DIASTATIC POWER :  120-160L

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