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Almost a one stop shop...

Hey Yeast Farmers and Must Wranglers,

We are very close to announcing the next chapter in Spokane Brewing Supply story.

I know I have been clueing in people that come in the shop about the exciting new location.

I'm very excited for the upcoming announcements and can barely wait to get the shop out of my house and into a cool spot for everyone to come shop and hang out with fresh recipes on tap for you to enjoy. This will be a spot for all of you to come and share stories, trials and tribulations of this amazing craft hobby.

In the new location my goals are to provide all you amazing hobbyist and even some commercial brewers a shop you can count on finding almost anything. Of course its not possible to have EVERYTHING but we will do our best. For Suggestions or Comments please email us at

Nows the time for your Liquid Yeast PreOrder and Full Sack Grain PreOrder.

Time is running out to PreOrder a gauranteed fresh yeast strain or Full Sack of Premium Grain.

While it's not required to PreOrder for many items you commonly use sometimes we run out of things :( and a restock may take some time depending on demand and current supply chain struggles globally.

If you can PreOrder Liquid Yeast and Malts its greatly appreciated. PreOrdering helps us plan better, keep costs lower and you the customer gets the freshest product possible

So Please Checkout the PreOrder pages below!

New Malts on hand!

I was able to sneak a few bags in the back door to hold us over until the big PreOrder lands Early February. Check them out!

If you have made it this far then I'll thank you for your time. If you can go one step further and help us that would be amazing. Please like and share this Blog, Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and leave a review on Google.



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