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Hey everyone!

Just dropping a little update here. Today I brought in 36 new items to the store!

Various bottle types, expanded wine and mead making supplies, distilling folks can now get enzymes if needed, restocked Citra, Mosaic, and Idaho 7 for your juicy IPA’s among the many updated.

also buckets… the elusive buckets that in 2021 was an extreme struggle to get!

Anyways folks…

Now that spring is scratching at the door the Family here at SBS is changing days of operation slightly. Due to decreased activity on Sunday, no walk-ins will be available that day. Email, Text or Web Orders are available but pickup times will be late afternoon for in person if the order can be filled in time. If orders are placed prior to Sunday they will be available pickup In a non contact method if we are away from the shop that day. If you are still reading at this point then we thank you for supporting this little adventure we are taking here at SBS. While we may not have the biggest selection of things compared to other retailers we hope we can make it up by pointing you and your hobby in the best direction or offer solid advice in your brewing practices.

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments please reach out to



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